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JMP Solutions has acquired Alfacon Solutions

JMP Solutions has acquired Alfacon Solutions


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Custom Material Handling Solutions since 1983

Alfacon Solutions is a leading custom material handling solutions company, founded in 1983 and operating from a full scale manufacturing facility near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Alfacon provides custom design, engineering, manufacturing and installation support for its customer base of small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies. It’s products include: lifting equipment, package and pallet handling conveyors and sortation systems, truck loaders, extendable and vertical conveyors, belt and roller conveyor systems and AGV appliances. With over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, our ability to combine standard and custom engineered components enables us to create material handling solutions tailored to fit all of our customers’s needs. This is what distinguishes Alfacon Solutions as one of the prominent material handling manufacturers in North America.


Solutions by industry

post courier conveyor


manufacturing conveyor


distribution conveyor


food and beverage conveyor

Food and Beverage


Solutions by product

roller conveyor

Conveyor Systems

lifting equipment

Lifting Equipments

gravity extendable truck loader

Truck loaders

AGV appliance

AGV Appliances


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