Airbearing Lift

custom scissor lift
Airbearing Lift

For heavy industrial moves, Alfacon Solutions’ Custom Scissor Lifts are revolutionary! 

Based on Air Film technology, reduced friction under the Mobile Lift Table is achieved by compressed air being forced out through the Air Cushion Elements between the load and the floor surface. Friction is reduced to a minimum, allowing large loads to be moved in any direction, including straight sideways, with very little force.

Once the unit is de-energized, the table rests on high co-efficient pads enabling the table and the load to be secure and stable without the need of locking wheels or cumbersome brakes.

The base of the table can be kept low, within 2” of the Floor – minimizing the possibility of tipping and creating a smaller collapsed height for storage.


Choose from single regulation or optional controls to adjust for off-set loading. The unit pictured (right) has single regulation but has two pressure settings, a fixed pressure for when it is empty and an adjustable setting dependent upon the weight of each load.


  • Die Change
  • Pallet Transports
  • Mold Transfers
  • Roll Handlers
  • Simple Turntables
  • Coil Handler
  • Simple Load Handling


  • Flat Top
  • Conveyor Top Cradle Top
  • Turn Table Top
  • Control Handle
  • Umbilical attached hand pendant
  • Slide Mounted Air Bearings


This option allows the Air Bearings to be inspected or cleaned without picking up the entire tool. They simply slide out from underneath like a drawer, even while the unit is loaded!

Custom Scissor Lifts - Airbag Lift - engineering drawing 1

1 1 Checkerplate Top Platform
2 8 Slide Mount Rail/ Landing Pad
3 lot Lift Mechanics (cylinders, etc.)
4 1 Air Supply Connect. 3/4″ Quick Disconnect
5 1 Supply Pressure Gage, Panel Mount
6 1 Hand-held Remote Control Box
7 1 6-foot Umbilical Control Cord
8 4 Air-bearing Element. Model ME12S-1.2
9 4 Scissor Arms
10 1 Vinyl Accordian Curtain (87×36 0.D.)


  • Max Loading Capacity: 6,000 lbs.
  • Lowered Height: 12”
  • Full Stroke (Platform Travel): 28 inches
  • Power Pack: On-board 4hp air motor drives (2) hydraulic cylinders
  • Air Requirements: 3/4”10 Air Supply Hose, 80psi, 80cfm


  • (1) UP pushbutton, (1) DOWN pushbutton, (1) E-STOP locking button
  • (1) Air-bearings ON/OFF rotary selector switch
  • (1) LOAD/NO-LOAD rotary selector switch,
  • (2) Air-bearing PRESSURE ADJUST rotary knobs


  • Air-bearings = less than 85db on smooth sealed floor at optimum pressure
  • Air motor = 85 db
September 8, 2016