Roller Conveyor Systems

Roller Conveyor Systems

Alfacon Solutions supplies and installs a wide variety of roller conveyors in the systems we provide. Ranging from light duty gravity roller conveyors to heavy duty pallet handling roller conveyors, there are many variables to consider when utilizing roller conveyor systems verses many other standard conventional types of conveyors.

The following are examples of the types of roller conveyors we supply and integrate with our conveyor systems.

  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Powered Roller Conveyor (Lineshaft or Low Back Pressure Conveyor)
  • Accumulating Roller Conveyor (Zero Pressure Zoned Accumulation Conveyor)
  • 24 Volt DC Motorized drive roller conveyor
  • Flexible Roller Conveyor(Gravity or powered)
  • Pallet Handling Roller Conveyor

Flexible Roller Conveyor with Joystick Power Caddy

Our Flexible Conveyor with joystick driven power caddy is the first of its kind in North America, whereby the control system allows full zoned accumulation in both forward and reverse directions.

The power caddy requires only a 110V plug to re-charge and will operate through a full shift of use on a single charge.

These units are available in transport or accumulation modes, as well as reverse accumulation mode for inbound and outbound shipping.

Various control options are available on our Flexible Conveyors, they can operate as stand-alone units, or be provided with a separate control panel that allows for communication with up or downstream equipment controls.

Typical use of these conveyors is inbound and outbound shipping in distribution environments or line to line conveyance in warehouses.

The power caddy is also available on our Extendable Gravity Conveyor, which is a more economical method for shipping dock conveyance.

January 13, 2017