SSLAB – Standard Scissor Lift Airbag Series

sslab standard scissor lift
SSLAB – Standard Scissor Lift Airbag Series

Alfacon Solutions’ SSLAB Standard Scissor Lift Airbag Series are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry. The SSLAB are ergonomically engineered to reduce worker fatigue and injury while increasing efficiency & productivity. These pneumatic lift tables are compact and reliable solutions for your material handling needs.

Alfacon designs and builds custom pneumatic lifts to fit specific customer needs on request.

We also offer a variety of standard airbag lift table models that offer top-of-the-line safety features like tapered toe guards, foot pedal controls and pilot operated check valves.


  • Built and designed in accordance to ANSI MH29.1
  • Single acting air spring actuators w/ zero maintenance or lubrication required, no pistons or moving parts, no breakout friction.
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Pedestal stand w/ air controller valve
  • Abrasion, oil and weather resistant air hose
  • Solid steel scissor legs (44,000 psi minimum yield)
  • Smooth steel platform
  • Structural steel base frame
  • Ground superior shafting pivot pins
  • Lifetime lubricated teflon coated bushings
  • Sealed cam follower rollers
  • Safety warning striping on platform sides


  • Higher capacities
  • Oversized platforms & bases
  • Higher lift heights
  • Tapered toe guards
  • Conveyor platforms
  • Rotating platforms
  • Tilt platforms
  • Portability (casters, wheels, air bearings)
  • Foot pedal controls
  • Pilot operated check valve
  • Accordion curtain enclosures
  • Custom finishes (paint or galvanize)
  • Stainless steel platforms
  • Custom design & built to customers specifications
SSLAB - 82000 lbs.30" x 48"48" x 60"10"24"34"1-12"/3C500 lbs.
SSLAB -104000 lbs.30" x 48"48" x 60"10"24"34"2-12"/3C625 lbs.
SSLAB - 126000 lbs.36" x 48"48" x 60"10"24"34"2-14"/3C750 lbs.
SSLAB- 14 2000 lbs.48" x 48"60" x 60"12"24"36"1-12"/3C650 lbs.
SSLAB - 164000 lbs.48" x 48"60" x 60"12"24"36"2-12"/3C775 lbs.
SSLAB - 186000 lbs.48"x 48"60" x 60"12"24"36"2-12"/3C900 lbs.


Pneumatic lift tables use heavy duty air pressure to raise platforms rather than replying on hydraulic fluids or electric charging, eliminating the risk of leaks and contamination.

Our Standard Scissor Lift Airbag Series tables can carry load weights ranging from 2000 lbs. – 6000 lbs. Pneumatic lift tables are ideal for a number of applications including the Automotive Manufacturing Industry.  Our pneumatic lifts are constructed out of the highest-grade industrial steel to ensure long-term reliability and less maintenance overall.

With over 35 years of experience and expertise in material handling, Alfacon Solutions is your trusted source for pneumatic lift tables. We offer additional features to fit your needs including tilting and dumping pneumatic lifts, tables for over-sized loads and rotating platforms.

October 19, 2016