Two Stage Power Driven Truckloader

two stage power driven truckloader
Two Stage Power Driven Truckloader

The Alfacon Two Stage Power Driven Truck Loader is designed with ergonomics and productivity in mind to save your operation time and money. An ideal solution for loading trailers in any distribution fulfillment center or courier environment. The Two Stage Power Driven Truck Loader will service any dock level trailer up to 53’ full sized line haul trailers. Operator driven by a simple joystick controller, the Two Stage Power Driven Truck Loader drives in and out of trailers while delivering packages to operators with ease.


Positive pitch and close roller centers allow for smooth product conveyance.

With a compact parking position of approximately 32’, this unit is an ideal alternative to fixed base traditional belt style truck loaders.

Minimal operator training is required for the simple joystick control that drives the truck loader in and out of trailers.

Installation is simple: mount floor track and pivot post supply 3ph power to the pre wired and mounted control panel to begin using the truck loader.


  • Widths up to 48”
  • Multiple automated options available
  • Foam filled tires
  • Direct drive 460v or 575v
  • Fully enclosed cable control carrier
  • Emergency stop and joystick control
  • Herringbone infeed conveyor Manual pivot steer
  • Retracted truck loader lenght 34’ 3”


Both levels of the gravity roller conveyor are braced on a full length rigid 8” structural channel. The roller conveyor decks are equipped with 1.9” Dia carrying rollers on 3” centers, allowing for small parcel transport. The base frame is mounted on a front and rear axle with air filled rugged tires. A direct drive is shaft mounted, which powers the unit forward and backwards to the trailer. The control cabling on the unit is fully contained in an aluminum extruded guard with a cable trolley to prevent any tangling during operation of the truckloader.


As with all of our equipment designs, operator safety is our primary concern. All pinch points and move components on the Alfacon Truckloader are guarded for operator safety. The emergency stop button ensures a prompt shut down when necessary.


The Two Stage Power Driven Truckloader is not available for sale in the United States.

September 3, 2016