Friction Free zoned accumulation for MDR conveyors

Friction Free zoned accumulation for MDR conveyors

Friction-free zoned accumulation for MDR conveyors

Many MDR (Motor Driven Roller) conveyor users in the postal industry often have to deal with damage and wear on 24VDC motorized drive rollers. The primary reason for these issues is resistance caused by the drive rollers when manually sorting product off of a line. This friction can cause damage and eventual failure to the electrical components.

Alfacon Solutions took this challenge on and designed a unique “friction free” zoned accumulation conveyor for the postal industry. This design still utilizes MDR 24VDC roller technology with leading edge energy efficiency, but not in the carrying rollers. Alfacon’s unique slip sleeve drive system allows for parcel stalling on the carrying rollers, with no effect on the electrical components.

These units are fitted with hardwood maple rub rails for operator comfort; they can be made portable on carts or fixed on traditional floor supports. Carts are 100% modular with male/female connectors for quick set up and tear down.

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