Identifying Elements Heavy Duty Lift Cycles

Identifying Elements Heavy Duty Lift Cycles

Lift Tables: Identifying Elements Heavy Duty Lift Cycles

Lifts for standard or heavy-duty cycles are calculated by approximating the number of shifts the equipment will perform in a day. Alfacon Solutions is known globally for producing some of the largest custom-built lift tables. The premium heavy-duty lift table series of work station hydraulic lifts capture up to ten-times the number of life cycles as competitive brands. These engineered-to-order, custom-built lifts have become the recognized standard for customers demanding a heavy-duty lift, providing durability, safety, and minimum downtime in customers’ manufacturing flow.

Ensuring heavy-duty scissor lifts include captured rollers, two-piece self-aligning cylinders, one-piece axle pins, and high impact spiral wound bearings, the result is the strongest, most vigorous, sturdiest, toughest, most powerful, and longest lasting heavy-duty scissor lifts available. Standard models can be purchased, but versatility provides the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. These solutions are exceptionally customizable to individual applications. Travel ranges from 30 to 300 inches and capacity ranges from 1,000 to 60,000 pounds. However, note that besides heavy duty, there are battery, electric, and Air Powered Lift Tables also available in the market.

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Common benefits include improved ergonomics, increased worker productivity, factory throughput in pallet build-up and break-down, parts assembly and disassembly, work positioning, and delivery to Alfacon Solutions’ conveyor systems.

These heavy-duty lift tables have been made in Canada for over 35 years. The heavy-duty series is manufactured at the Milton, Canada factory just minutes away from the Toronto Pearson airport and provides the favorable exchange rate to all U.S. customers.

Alfacon Solutions’ offers the best 1-year warranty on all parts as a promise because it is the industry’s most reliable scissor lift. The one-piece, removable center axle pin adds rigidity to the scissors mechanism and allows for easy inspection and maintenance of the axle pin. Few competitors allow this task to be completed. Because on-board maintenance devices enable operations teams to safely and effectively block open the scissors during inspection and routine maintenance, applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 – general workplace safety standards are met. It is important to consider all safety regulations, especially in high-risk environments involving heavy machinery. To ensure that these standards are met, oftentimes, the expertise of risk management consultants may be required. For those interested to explore this domain further, there are a number of workplace safety articles that can be referred to. All this may fall under the health and safety regulations of a workplace. This may include health and safety audits, risk assessments, health safety training for employees, etc. However, the fire risk assessment should be taken seriously, and business owners should ensure that every employee is thoroughly trained for a fire breakout. Firms such as sentient provide expert fire risk advice and can help in getting a fire risk assessment for your workplace.

Solid and transparent polyurethane oil reservoirs allow for highly visible fluid levels to be checked eliminating oil contamination due to rust. Additionally, because low pressure hydraulic circuit extends the life of all hydraulic components, less stress on the electric motor guarantees a long life of the heavy-duty lift table. Finally, double wire braided hydraulic hoses resist wear, abrasion, and leaks. Having abrasions and leaks can seriously affect your heavy-duty lift table, this is why proper maintenance could be performed regularly. This ensures the overall safety of the equipment and those working with it. Companies such as CALIFORNIA INDUSTRIAL RUBBER CO. work to assure the safety of workers by providing services that could help with the maintenance of equipment from replacements for hoses to protective clothing.

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