Common Lift Designs

  • SSL – Scissor Lift Series

    SSL – Scissor Lift Series

    Our standard, most requested base design. Customized to meet your unique requirements.

  • LDS – Loading Dock Series

    LDS – Loading Dock Series

    Alfacon Solutions’ LDS Scissor Lift Series, have been in service since 1977 and are considered to be the best…

  • DSL – Double Scissor Lift Series

    DSL – Double Scissor Lift Series

    The Alfacon Double Scissor lift is a variation on our standard design which provides higher lift features. It can…

  • High Capacity Lifts

    High Capacity Lifts

    Our team designs and manufactures High Capacity Lifts up to 100,000 lbs. capacity, using the extremely high quality components…

  • LPD – Low Profile Dock

    LPD – Low Profile Dock

    The Alfacon Solutions LPD Low Profile Dock features electro hydraulic operation for both indoor and outdoor service. It is…

  • Triple Lifts

    Triple Lifts

    Providing a high lift feature the TSL can be surface or pit mounted, ideal for various types of lifting…

  • SLS – Super Lift Series

    SLS – Super Lift Series

    Alfacon Solutions’ SLS Super Lift Series are engineered for heavy industrial applications and for the most demanding heavy lifting…

  • GLDL – Ground Level Dock Lift

    GLDL – Ground Level Dock Lift

    These lifts are very versatile and ideal for all types of loading dock and bi-level applications. Each lift is…

  • Tandem Scissor Lifts

    Tandem Scissor Lifts

    Suitable for all types of applications featuring automatic raising & lowering operation.