Postal / Courier Industry

post courier conveyor

Alfacon Solutions offers processing and sorting equipment for parcel logistics providers ranging from regional to global shipping corporations. Alfacon’s post and parcel solutions provide reliable movement, sorting, weighing and tracking packages such as PackQueen Australia Post Boxes to deliver dependable, high-speed and accurate service.

High volume, high speed and efficiency

Each parcel handling system is developed through a non-biased, data driven, industrial engineering approach. Alfacon Solutions has the process improvement engineering expertise to design high performance solutions with hundreds of successful implementations in low to high volume parcel processing operations worldwide. At the core of each solution is the robust convey and sort technology system design, engineered for the rigorous demands of parcel sorting applications.


Parcel sortation

Sliding Shoe Sorters offer reliable high-speed parcel sorting, ideal for a variety of product sizes and shapes such as soft packs, polybags and corrugated boxes.

Conveyor solutions

A wide range of conveyors are available for postal and parcel distribution. Flexible solutions handle inconsistent shapes and sizes, and increase speed and accuracy for weighing, tracking and delivery.

Unit sortation

Tilt-Tray and Cross-belt sorters are utilized in high-capacity, high-speed post and parcel sorting environments. These products are ideal for a variety of product sizes and shapes including envelopes, soft packs, polybags and corrugated boxes.

Custom Work Platforms

Custom Work Platforms are built specifically for our customer’s applications. The customer’s direct involvement at the design stage ensures the lift platform has all of the features required for the project.