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All mechanical parts eventually fail. You want to have the right parts ready when you need them from the right people. Would you know where to get things like Trombetta Solenoids from should you need them urgently? We are professionals who can provide the parts and services that you need to get your equipment running like clockwork. If you are working for a company that deals with mechanical parts, for example, a maintenance technician, there are software companies similar to ServiceMax. Using parts inventory software could assist with keeping track of your parts inventory and assets, so you are aware that you are running low on parts and need to come to us for any replacements.

Call on the specialists at Alfacon Solutions when you need to update or replace any parts of your material handling equipment. If you’re working as a sole trader, have you considered your insurance cover? protect your business with sole trader insurance to make sure you don’t face any unexpected expenses.

We carry spare parts for:

  • Pallet and parcel conveyor systems (belt and roller)
  • Lift tables and lifting equipment
  • Container systems and caster decks
  • Truck loading and unloading equipment

Just fill the form, and our spare parts specialist will get back shortly with a quote.

spare parts

Tips to keep your conveyor and lifting equipment in proper maintenance:

1. Always have extra spare parts stored for emergencies

2. Have a maintenance technician to keep the equipment working properly and efficiently

3. Provide proper education to staff about equipment safety and handling

4. Never exceed equipment capacity


Please email us any questions you have relating to spare parts.

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