“Adaptive conveying”, coined by Alfacon Solutions meaning to be able to work with each individual client to create customized solutions for their material handling needs.

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Alfacon Solutions custom engineered material handling solutions include lifting equipments, pallet and package conveyor systems, AGV appliances and truck loaders.

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Alfacon Solutions’ AGV/AGC Appliances are built specifically for our customers applications. The customer’s involvement at the design stage ensures the appliances has all the features and performance requested for the specific job.

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Custom engineered conveyor system designed for a large retail company that features two scan tunnels with the capacity to do over 250 sortations per minute.

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The Extendable Gravity Conveyor is a simple and affordable solution designed to decrease loading/unloading operation time. The Extendable Gravity Conveyor is its collapse size is  14′ and can extend to a size of 50′ long, which makes it a great asset to any distribution warehouse, cross-dock operation, courier terminal or shipping facility.

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The Alfacon Solutions, Two Stage Power Driven Truck Loader, is designed with ergonomics and productivity in mind. Easy to use, safe and can open and close in under 2 minutes.

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The following video shows Alfacon Solutions Super Lift (SLS), 90 degree Upender and Ground Level Dock Lift (GLDL) in action.

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